Uptown Ladies

economy1One of the first cookbooks I bought that set fire to the search for more was the “Economy Administration Cook Book” published in 1913 by Susie Root Rhodes and Grace Porter Hopkins. The cookbook was dedicated to the darling Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. This wonderful cook book not only features recipes that were delicious but are submitted by the Wives of Senators, Congressmen and other notable people. It was put together to give a collection of wholesome economical recipes, as stated in the book “The subject of the high cost of living is one that is uppermost in the minds of the people of the present day universally.” What a true statement from 100 years ago that is relevant to the world we live in today. What I fancy most about this book are some of the pictures of the luncheons that the ladies attended eating the food in the book. Here are a couple of mouth watering recipes from the book and some pictures.wilsongovsuppersenatewivesclayton

2 thoughts on “Uptown Ladies

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