Easy Hmmmm….

So I think most women have this ideal about what a “good” wife and mother should be and look like and when I saw this cookbook I said “Wow! Thats’ it! The unattainable perfect wife and mother.” I am sure there are a “few” that live this iconic life but for most of us I think we are probably a hot mess behind closed doors. ImageImage┬áSo this is the cookbook for us! Its titled “Home Baking Made Easy”. Well that sounds “easy” right. I thought this gem from 1953 was just darling when I found it and it really does have some great tips and tricks. This cookbook has instructions and pictures on how to make everything from pie crust to biscuits! It also has a handy dandy section with a couple other cookbooks titled “10 Cakes Husbands Like Best” or “12 Pies Husbands Like Best” and they were only .10 cents.