The Chocolate Girl


Who wouldn’t love to be known as “The Chocolate Girl”? I know I probably consume enough chocolate to think I might be related :). The story of “The Chocolate Girl” was brought to my attention when I uncovered a tiny cookbook called “Choice Recipes”. It was produced by the Walter Baker & co. LTD (Baker’s Chocolate today)  in 1913 and 1924. It features the girl on the cover and has the story inside. The cover is actually a painting titled “La Belle Chocolatiere” (The Chocolate Girl) by a Swiss Painter Jean-Etienne Liotard in 1760. Anna or Annerl was the daughter of a Knight in Vienna named Melchoir Baltauf. She earned her living as a Chocolate Bearer. The Prince at the time was named Dietrichstein and was beseeched by Annas beauty. The two fell in love and of course there was some opposition to them getting married because of Anna stature. It was not common practice for a Knights daughter to marry nobility. They triumphed and were married. During that time the artist Jean-Etienne Liotard was in Vienna doing portraits of the Austrian Court and asked Anna to do hers. Liotard’s painting immortalized their love and their story will forever be told because of it. Who would have thought there would be a real “fairy” tale in a cookbook. prachousewifeHotchocolatebakers